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Spezial- und Individualsoftware

Lower your operating expenses and increase the fail-safe performance of your IT system: by implementing and/or servicing small and medium-sized networks based on up-to-date technology we assure smooth operation of your business processes.

Use our IT services such as network support and administration, procurement of suitable hardware/software, network installation, server hosting, virtual servers, remote maintenance and much more.




System administration

Planung und Beratung

Consulting / Planning

Precise planning of your IT infrastructure – from order to implementation.


Service / IT-Support

Regular service and control of the hardware.


Internet accesses

Installation of internet accesses: lines, router, dial-in, firewall, proxy, WLAN, safety and everything else required.


Server support and monitoring

Server installations, administration and permanent monitoring of all essential functions.


Remote maintenance of server

Remote access to your system. This allows to execute work outside of office hours and to react fast in case of problems.



Computer service



Extensive support for your PCs – software, installation, help with problems, …


Planning / Consulting

Help with the selection of hard/software according to requirements, extensions, changes, …


Remote maintenance of PCs

Via remote maintenance many problems can be solved in an uncomplicated and fast way. We offer several versions of remote service.


Data backup

Can you afford to work for days without your network or data? Today, data are among the most important goods in the company. Computer viruses or ransomware can shut down your business for days. Reliable data backup, therefore, is essential. Moreover, you should protect your data against fire or water damages. We will help you doing that and thus will protect you from damages.


On-site service

Our PC specialists will come to you and will solve problems right on your premises.


Viruses, Spam & Network Safety

Protection against attacks from the outside. We will install the systems appropriate for your purposes.



  • Planning and installation of networks
  • Communication within the network and across several networks
  • Client-Server operation in the domain
  • Mailserver
  • Encrypted network access
  • Wireless networks
  • Firewall (protection against unauthorized access)
  • Incorporation of peripheral equipment (mobile phones, printers etc.)
  • Network storage (NAS)
  • Setup of authorizations



IT Service for Internet Server


Support of Servers


Internet Services


Our private Server


Service and Support



We are gladly prepared to support you outside your office hours on request.